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How I killed that extended family from Marvig in Lochs – column

Scotland is in the grip of an epidemic. Parasites have appeared everywhere and are sucking the very lifeblood out of us. Despite all the scientific advances of the Western world, there is still very little we can do to halt … Continue reading

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Will the Queen again make Chris Murray toe the line? – column

Freak accidents are hard to predict. I have sat in A&E beside a six-year-old with his head firmly wedged into a pan and I remember when a near-neighbour had to be released from a toilet seat by a squad of … Continue reading

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That eagle has not landed and I am so over the moon – column

Teachers are so very different nowadays. When I was in school, they were all much of a muchness. The starchiness of the immediate post-war era was dissipating because of flower power and Marianne Faithful and, by the time I reached … Continue reading

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