Long to reign over us

A British journalist in his 70s was recently flung in a Singaporean jail for comments in his book saying the judiciary over there is a puppet of the government. There is plenty evidence to support his view.

The bish

A veteran UK politician said about the case that we Britons should not be surprised or complacent. Britain claims to be a free country, he said, but there are many privileged people here who cannot be criticised without dire retribution. Within a week, a bishop too honest for his own good, gives his long-held view about the philandering and abuses by our lovely, sweet, God-fearing Royal Family. There is plenty evidence to support his view.

The church and political establishment and most of the British media, which hypocritically claims to support freedom of expression, comes down on him like a ton of the proverbial building materials. The bish is condemned by those of money, privilege and gullibility and is then relieved of his duties.

Bit by bit, we are getting the type of country we deserve. Cruel Britannia.

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