Patrick grabs a sit-ups world record

Cramp stopped a hairdressser from snatching the world record for the most sit-ups in an hour.

But Patrick Broe, of Stornoway, did grab the record for the most in one minute on Saturday.

He achieved 196 sit-ups in 60 seconds smashing the world record of 177 held by Ashrita Furman, an American who also has the most records of anyone else in the world.

Referring to the intense concentration required, Patrick, 48, said he was spurred on by the record holder because he was keen to “be in the same place” as Furman. The American currently claims 85 world records but over the years has broken 205.

Furman had achieved 9,628 sit-ups in 60 minutes but, about 45 minutes in, Patrick had to stop due to the onset of cramp and was only able to manage 8,859 in the time.

For the Guinness records book’s purposes, a sit-up does not actually mean that the competitor has to physically sit up and an abdominal frame is allowed. However, certain parts of the body must leave the floor for each one.

The bid at the Lewis Sports Centre in Stornoway by married father-of-two Patrick, who is originally from Derbyshire, was watched by qualified observers and was also videoed for verification by officials from the Guinness World Records.

His wife Peggy, who runs PJ’s Hair Design with him, and son William, 12, helped with water and encouragement.

Patrick was also sponsored to raise cash for MacMillan Nurses and a fund to assist sick children who have to attend mainland hospitals for treatment.

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