Interviews worldwide


1. Have you a decent webcam or computer microphone? If yes …

  • Contact me then go to I will be asking you the questions by phone.
  • When ready to start, press Start Recording.
  • If a box appears asking you to allow access to your microphone, press Allow and recording will begin.
  • When finished, press Stop and put your name and email address in the boxes.
  • Then just press Send (wait for it to upload) and it will be automatically sent to me in seconds.
It usually works well.
If no joy, there are other alternatives:
2. By iPhone or other smartphone. I ask you questions on a landline or other phone as you record yourself on your phone’s recorder. Then send me an email of the recording. Simple to use and reliable.
3. By computer with a webcam or microphone: You will be given instructions for logging in to or I ask you questions by phone as you record yourself on the website. You then save the recording which I can then download soon after. Simple to use and works well most of the time – if you have a decent webcam or microphone.

4. By Skype. Can be great quality if good microphones and latest version of the Skype program are used.
5. By telephone (landline). Not preferred due to quality issues so used only where no other option is possible.