Islanders told to boil water in 230 Lewis homes

People living in 230 homes on Lewis have been told to boil their tap water.

A boil water notice was issued this afternoon (Sat) after Scottish Water consulted NHS Western Isles and said it was issuing advice as a precaution.

That followed a routine sample showing there had been what was said to be “a small deterioration” in the normal quality of the water supply.

The affected areas and post codes are:
Garynahine (HS2 9DS)
Linshader (HS2 9DR)
Breasclete (HS2 9ED, HS2 9EF, HS2 9FF)
Callanish (HS2 9DY)
Tolsta Chaolais (HS2 9DW)

People living in these areas were told to boil their water before using it and continue doing so until further notice.

They have also been advised to wash dishes with hot water and then dry them thoroughly before use. The water can still be used for bathing and washing (including babies), washing clothes and flushing the toilet.

swScottish Water said water that was boiled was safe to use for drinking, preparing food (including ice cubes and salads), preparing babies’ feeds and disinfecting feeding equipment, cleaning teeth, pet food and drink, and washing open wounds provided it has been allowed to cool.

Water which has been boiled and allowed to cool should be stored in clean containers in a fridge or other cold place.

The water authority declined to give details of the cause other than saying further sampling would take place “when the chlorine level has returned to its normal level”.

Further information is available from the website or by phone on 0800 0778 778.

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