Maybe it’s social work bosses who need dementia awareness

Another of these you could not make it up stories

Because I am tucked up with the sniffles, I have been rummaging for these wee but very important news items that I didn’t have the time to do earlier. Or maybe I forgot.

The social work department of Comhairle nan Eilean has been busy setting up dementia awareness courses for home carers. The carers have been very interested to sign up and the workshops were heavily subscribed.

CNES_logoHowever, when the carers turned up, there was no one there. It turned out that the courses had been cancelled.

When I asked the council, a spokesman said: “Yes – that is correct. There was a lack of communication which was most unfortunate.”

What caused that awful and time-wasting lack of communication? I am now very reliably advised that no one told the carers the dementia course was cancelled because a manager at the social work department forgot.

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2 Responses to Maybe it’s social work bosses who need dementia awareness

  1. Angus MacLeod says:

    It looks as if the Social work department are suffering from dementia.

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