Breaking News – Gordon Diesel slashes motor fuel to under £1.10p

Joy as fuel prices fall again at Gordon Diesel

gdWe can expect more traffic on certain roads in the Back . That’s because a fuel price war seems to have broken out on the Isle of Lewis.

Gordon Diesel Ltd has just slashed the price of Unleaded by 3p per litre. It is now 109.9p. He has also cut the price of Diesel to 109.9p.

One rival retailer in Stornoway was said to be “in shock” after the news was broken to him. We are awaiting with interest how he and the other retailers will now respond to the Gordon Diesel move which is long overdue with wholesale prices having fallen significantly recently.

Here are recent prices at other local outlets, as reported by

116.9p – Engebret Ltd Sandwick Road, Stornoway. (Update 24 Aug)
117.9p – Spar, Bayhead, Stornoway. (Update 19 Aug)
119.9p – Campbells Service Station Cannery Road, Stornoway. (Update 21 Aug)

114.9p – Engebret, Sandwick Road, Stornoway. (Update 24 Aug)
115.9p – Campbells Service Station, Cannery Road, Stornoway (Update 24 Aug)
115.9p – Manor Service Station, Bayhead, Stornoway (Update 24 Aug)

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One Response to Breaking News – Gordon Diesel slashes motor fuel to under £1.10p

  1. Gordon was the first retailer to support the FAIR FUEL SOLUTIONS [ FFS] campaign and help us get Fair Fuel prices by “breaking from” the “Rip Off ” wholesalers SCOTTISH FUELS !

    The end result of the FFS campaign and Gordon’s impact when he “broke with” SCOTTISH FUELS was ….. consistently lower fuel prices at all local Filling Stations !

    If the impact of his latest Price cut makes the same difference as his last “intervention” …and is sustainable…Gordon will deserve more respect and support than any of the politicians we’ve had in recent years !!!

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