Alert for car belonging to egg thieves known to be operating in the Western Isles

Investigators tracking known egg thieves say two illegal egg collectors are now at large in the islands. It has emerged they took the ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway yesterday (Friday) on what is thought to be an expedition to steal eagle’s eggs. eagle-chick

An RSPB officer explained: “I’ve received information from RSPB investigations that two known egg collectors are likely to have travelled by ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway and are likely to stay on Lewis until the 2nd of April.”

The thieves are driving a silver Vauxhall Corsa with the registration number KX62 ZDA.

“If you see this vehicle please report it to the police. At this time of year they must be targeting eagles. Those sites with a recent history of egg robberies or are known to egg collectors are mainly in the Lochs and Pairc areas but there is a possibility they could travel anywhere in the Western Isles over the weekend.”

8 thoughts on “Alert for car belonging to egg thieves known to be operating in the Western Isles

  1. Looking forward from now on to police alerts giving description of car and registration number plus length of stay for any known thieves (with or without criminal record?), fraudsters, shoplifters and perverts heading for the islands so that we can make our society – not just the lives of a few eagles – safer for us humans.

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  3. lette-r,pen and ink mark,makes a serious point and is certainly not to my knowledge a “fred killer”,since this would mean murderous intent

  4. Omelette Prince of Henmark illustrates why bloggers should be wary of allowing comments on their blogs. Omelette: if you can’t say something sensible don’t say anything. Iain has highlighted a serious problem; eggers will extirpate some birds just as poachers will drive rhinos and tigers and the like to extinction.

  5. I suspect Mr Maciver knows more about what is happening than he is letting on. If these guys are not doing anything illegal they have nothing to worry about.

  6. so omelette,thats egg on your plate,and JC is trying to put egg on your face,whilst l am still trying to fathom what extirpate means.l am leaning to the explanation that its the after effect of what you get if you eat your eggs a dozen at a go,but nice as this sounds,its probably what happens if you do this continuously on a daily basis,also referred too as the dalek syndrome.But remember all,if you see these furtive losers,save the eggs and throw the stones

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